Thursday, 30 October 2008

Streaming Your Way to New Business: Our Collaboration

Supporting You…Our Collaboration …Win New Clients….Secure Their Loyalty……….

TalkBack Viewing Studios Humber House 132a Queens Road East Beeston Nottingham NG9 2FD

From: Alan and Sue at TalkBack Nottingham

Talkback Studios, together with Stream Team Web Streaming, are offering you a FREE Group Streaming to any UK or Global location throughout November.
Any further groups will also be half price to you during this promotion!

We want to help you deliver the best possible value to your clients with
free and half price high quality web streaming from the Stream Team network.

If November is too tight to schedule, we promise you a FREE WEB STREAM for any November booking.

Reliable, state of the art streaming is a sensible way to develop your marketing strategy, UK, Europe and throughout the world. Web Streaming is increasingly joining up, creating economies of communication and scale within and between sectors. For example: Educationalists, Training organisations, Third Sector Groups throughout the world are now sharing and disseminating local information that is changing and developing economic and social policy. (Browse our Streaming links!)

I will personally advise you and take your Streaming booking, so please don’t hesitate to ring me to plan your groups.

Kind regards,
Sue Harvey

TalkBack: News Media in Nottingham

Beeston Express: Covering Beeston, Chilwell and Bramcote Community Paper Circulation 18,000 The Local News: Community Paper Circulation 58,000 (monthly) Nottingham Evening Post Circulation (Daily) 55,507 Free Paper Weekly 100,000 Weekly (Free) Circulation 17,788 Circulation 30,000 published (weekly) Paid for m Circulation (weekly) 53,987 Paid for

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

One Nottingham- The Areas!

Welcome to Nottingham!

Management of the city is organised into nine areas from North to South. Below are the street ranges within the areas and you will find links to Neighbourhood profiles for those areas:

Area-1 Austin Street - Bulwell Hall - Cantrell Road - Central Bulwell - Cinderhill - Crabtree Farm - Hempshill Vale - New Highbury Vale - Snapewood - Squires Avenue - Top Valley North - Top Valley West:

Area-2 Basford - Bestwood - Bestwood Park - Heathfield - Hollydene - Leen Valley - Old Basford - Old Highbury Vale - Stockhill - Top Valley East - Top Valley South - Whitemoor North

Area-3 Ainsley - Ashwell - Aspley - Beechdale - Beechdale Bungalows - Bells Lane - Bilborough - Broxtowe - Cranwell Road - Rodwell - Southwold - Strelley - Whitemoor South - Wollaton Vale

Area-4 Arboretum - Bobbers Mill - Braidwood Court - Canning Circus -Forest Fields - Hyson Green - Lenton Sands - New Basford - Radford - Radford High-rise - St Peters - Woodlands

Area-5 Carrington - Edwards Lane - Kildare & Kingsthorpe - Mapperley - Mapperley Park - Pearmain Drive - Porchester - Sherwood - Woodthorpe & Winchester

Area-6 Bakersfield - Burrows Court - Cardale - Colwick Woods Court - Colwick - Marmion Road - Marple Square - Old Sneinton - Robin Hoods Chase - Sneinton Dale - Sneinton High-rise - St Anns Valley - St Anns Well Road - St Matthias Road - Stonebridge - Victoria Centre - Whimsey Park - Windmill Lane - Woodborough Road

Area-7 Capitol Court - Fernwood - Lenton Abbey - Wollaton - Wollaton Park

Area-8 Abbey Bridge - City Centre - Lenton High-rise - Meadows - Old Meadows - Penn Avenue - Willoughby Street

Area-9 Clifton North - Clifton South - Nobel Road - Southchurch Court - Wilford & Silverdale

Monday, 20 October 2008

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Client and Respondent Comfort-What You Need To Know

Humber. With large old Mill style windows creating a light and airy feel, Humber is the largest studio. Accommodating up to 15 clients comfortably and giving an excellent view of the Discussion Room via a 3.2m x1.0m one-way mirror. Sessions can also be viewed from the Overhead Monitor and heard through our ceiling mounted 4 Speaker Audio System. For taking phone calls and work in progress, the Break Out Room is connected to the client room.

Discussion Room: 5.5m x 5.7m

Client Room: 5.5m x 5.3m

Break Out Room: 5.5m x 3.0m

Recording options. DVD, VHS, Audio MP3 Disk or UpLoad, Audio Cassette, Wifi/Cable Connection up to 10 PCs, Web Streaming.

Client Room.

Viewing options: 3.2m x 1.0m Mirror, Wall mounted 32” LCD.

Room layout options: Mirror 4-5seating, plus 12 Classroom Style or 8 Board Room Style.

Online links from discussion room.

Discussion Room.

Room Layout options: Up to 15 Horse Shoe, 25 Classroom, 10 Board Room

Playback facilities: DVD, VHS, CD, 42” Plasma.

Computer and PowerPoint stimulus benefits from a link to 42” plasma screens in each studio.

Drop down projector screen available. (If you need a projector, let us know when making your studio booking).

Break Out Room.

WiFi (or cable access points x 3).

Audio & Video links from Penny Farthing Meeting Room & Humber Discussion Room

Tandem Studio

Rooms: Discussion: 5.2m x 5.2m

Client Room: 5.2m x 4.7m

Break Out: 3.5m x 4.2m

Recording options: DVD, VHS, Audio MP3 Disk or UpLoad, Audio Cassette, Connection up to 8 PCs, Web Streaming
Viewing options. 3.0m x 1.0m Mirror, Wall mounted 32” LCD.

Client Room Layout Options: Mirror: Seating 4. Board Room Style 8 Classroom: 6
WiFi or Cable access points x 4, Network links from Discussion Room.

Discussion Room Layout Options: Horse Shoe: up to 15 Classroom: 25 Board Room: 10

Playback facilities: DVD, VHS, CD, MP3. 42” Plasma. Online, computer and PowerPoint stimulus benefits from being linked to the 42” plasma screens in each studio.

Drop down projector screen available if you prefer, though you will need to bring your own or ask us to hire when booking.

Break Out Room.
Audio & Video links from Penny Farthing Meeting Room & Humber Discussion Room
Although Tandem Studio is slightly smaller than Humber it is still larger than many other UK studios. Comfortable and relaxing it benefits from the large mill type windows, which create a light and airy environment. Accommodating up to 10 clients in comfort giving an excellent view of the discussion room through our 3.0m x1.0m one-way mirror. The session can also be viewed from the overhead monitor and heard through our ceiling mounted 4 speaker audio system. For taking phone calls and work in progress, the break out room is comfortable and is connected to the client room.

Penny Farthing Meeting Room
Room Size. Meeting Room. 5.5m x 5.5m

Web Streaming, Humber and Tandem networked: audially and visually. Wifi and Cable. Playback facilities: DVD, MP3, (audio or upload), CD,VHS, Tape. Powerpoint linked to 42" Plasma Screen.

Room Layout options: Up to 10 Horse Shoe, 15 Classroom, 10 Board Room

Playback facilities: DVD, VHS, CD, Plasma.

Computer generated stimulus and PowerPoint benefits from being linked to the 42” plasma screens in each studio.

If you prefer to use a projector we have a screen, (though projector not carried onsite. You will need to bring your own or we can hire one in for you).

The Meeting Room can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably for discussions, filmed groups, or paired depths. Simultaneous video viewing can be linked through to the client room or break out room in either Humber or Tandem Studio. Alternatively, parents can watch children’s groups in this room linked from the discussion rooms. This is an ideal room for off site brainstorming or training. Ideal for focus groups that need recording but not observation.

All recording equipment is built in which makes this room very competitive in comparison to hotels where recording equipment is generally hired and self operated.

Room Size: Respondents seating area 6.3m x 5.0m


Our kitchen has been designed to meet the requirements of a Test Kitchen and we can provide staff with Gedling Council approved Hygiene Qualifications when required. It is also a working kitchen, where meals are prepared and buffets and light snacks are laid out throughout the week.
Room Size. 3.0m x 5.2m

Welcome To Nottingham...Welcome To Talkback!

Now in our tenth successful year, we have recently relocated to a ground floor location providing 3,500 sq ft dedicated to client and respondent comfort.
At Talkback, we understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere for respondents to openly discuss and share their opinion.
We feel we have created a balance between high quality audio and video documentation, whilst allowing a relaxed environment for your respondents.
Discussion rooms are equipped for Web Streaming (up to 8 respondents and moderator), via fast broadband with respondents screens relayed on to monitors for observing clients, if required. Clients benefit from on site parking (with C.C.T.V.) for 15 cars. There are also numerous surrounding streets with no time limits and no charges.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Little Things Matter....

Food glorious food...! Whether you need a tester kitchen, meals or simply light snacks throughout the day (and evening!), for yourselves and your respondents, we source locally grown and prepared food and beverages costed as part of the studio experience.

Receptionist plus hostess and full use of kitchen if required.
Audio and VHS, Recording with Direct and Post Video Playback.
All stationery provided if needed.
1 hour Briefing and de-briefing time.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Out of the Ashes of the Former Humber Cycles Factory

Image Courtesy of Alan and Sue at Talback

Talkback is a completely refurbished old factory building, historically, the home of Humber cycles, then Humber cars in Nottingham.

We have refurbished the factory, keeping the internal cast iron supports and brickwork shell, developing a state of the art focus and client viewing facility inside. The rooms where you'll be working are named Penny Farthing, Tandem and The Humber!

The large mill type windows provide a light, airy and relaxing environment. Perfect to put clients at ease, as we find that everyone has a tale to tell about their family or working past.

Flavour of Talkback

Talkback: Penny Farthing, Tandem and The Humber Studios...
For Focus Groups with adults and children, Recruitment, Moderators, Transcription, Web Streaming, Meeting Rooms, Pre Recruited Halls and Food Testing. Discussion rooms are equipped for website usability testing for up to 8 respondents and moderator, via fast broadband internet access with respondents screens relayed on to monitors for observing clients if required

Group image: courtesy John Birdsall, social issues photography:

Talkback provides you with the facilities, services and technology from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, fifty weeks a year....well, research is like that!

Qualitative Research is an Art-We Facilitate the Right Environment

Our facilities have the highest rating in the Uk as voted by our clients on the Viewing Facilities Association website.

“An old building with a contemporary feel.”

“A fully air conditioned venue creating the right balance of comfort and professionalism for clients.”

“Excellent facility. Staff extremely obliging, prepared and organised.”
“ Handles large quantities of product for evaluation in very professional manner.”

“A really nice new office and they're always great with kids' groups!.”

“Talkback has always been my favourite facility in the UK and the quality continues at the new premises.”

“Exactly how a facility should be run.”

“Great facility, space and environment”

“Good to have breakout room for food. A very good facility overall.”

Check out our ratings of the Viewing Facilities Association website: